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Jolyn Janis
Finally, a truly wholistic doctor

Finally, a truly wholistic doctor

"I came in tired from searching yet still hopeful that I could finally find a doctor that was truly in tune with the big picture. Dr K is truly wholistic. I just had my first appointment, though already feel taken care of and considered and look forward to the conversations to come!"

Anna Katrina Davey
Best Doctor "Kieren is absolutely the best doctor I have ever experienced. He understands the human body, has a wealth of knowledge and uses a holistic approach. He will help you with the oddest health issues. A top professional and human being who is alive, in tune with life itself and that makes you feel truly cared for. A real doctor."
Chris Baker
Good Man "Kieran is a good man who really enjoys his work. I always feel a positive shift after working with him. He sees and understands people very well."
Peter C
Professional and Profound "Dr Kieran has the skills you'd expect and hope for in a traditional chiropractor, but his insights and tools and awareness go much farther. Each session I am amazed not only how good I feel after, but in how observant he is of my body's patterns (and how he can correct them!) Many thanks."
Larisa Tolstykh
I get better and better "When you visit the office it has an atmosphere not like in any other medical office. It is inviting, calming, soft light, such a friendly office manager/assistant. Dr. K has so much knowledge and expertise that it seems like he can do it with "closed eyes", or, "with one hand". He always knows what's up with you and what we need to adjust to achieve the desired result. Then you leave the office with such amazing satisfaction and excitement that you are going to be renewed! Big Thanks Dr.K!"
Dr. B
BEST DOCTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN! "I am a Doctor myself: Dr. Kuykendall is by far my FAVORITE HEALER I have ever had work on me. I know I can trust him and he always fixes the underlying CAUSE! Im so grateful for him and what he does.I am a successful doctor who has been in the healing industry for 20 years. I have seen literally 100's of different doctors and natural practitioners over the years. Im proud to call him my doctor and colleague. I have not found any other doctor that is a thorough and powerful in healing!"
Dr. K saves the day! "Dr. K. has wonderful intuition combined with an incredible wealth of knowledge related to the entire body system - physical, mental and emotional. He will open you up and put you back together while sharing his wisdom and genuine compassion. His office assistants are fantastically kind and fun to interact with also. Any discomfort you feel on his table will soon allow you more comfort than you've possibly felt in a long time. If you're considering an appointment, wait no longer"
Great office and wonderful care

Great office and wonderful care

"I've been seen by Dr. K on and off for years. He's a great whole body care provider! I would recomend him to anyone and everyone!"